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2004 Olympics, Athens Greece

Posted On September 24, 2015 By ellenccalhoun No Comments

2004 Olympics, Athens Greece

The 2004 Olympics was being hyped as the greatest Olympics of all

time, as it was the return to where the Olympics began, Athens Greece. I

remember the excitement and exhilaration of landing at the Athens

international airport and thinking to myself, I am coaching in the

Olympics. Traveling with the Women’s Nigerian basketball team, we

had qualified for the Olympics by winning the African Championship in

Mozambique, Africa. We had a talented team led by two WNBA players,

Mfon Udoka and Mactabene Amarachee and a host of NCAA collegiate

players that were all eagerly accepting the challenge of competing on

the biggest sports stage in the world.

We checked in to the Olympic Village, received our welcome package

and began a tour of the Olympic grounds. I remember the cafeteria that

was designed to accommodate the world’s best athletes and equipped

with cuisine from over 200 countries. I will never forget the athletes

that competed and trained for years to reach their dream of

participating in the Olympics.

But most of all, I will remember it being the first ever appearance by an

African female basketball team and the first ever win. A win over South

Korea made our efforts a part of history and a basketball memory I will

always cherish.

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