2006 World Championships, Tokyo Japan

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Global Coach-2006 World Championships, Tokyo Japan

3-2-1, game over!!!! It all started with a Nigeria Men’s basketball team

win over Algeria and a birth to the 2006 World Championship. Nigeria

wasn’t supposed to beat Algeria and qualify, at least not in Algeria, so In

that moment the frustration of defeat for the team and the fans created

one of the biggest post game brawls I have ever seen. Gabe Mouneke,

Ime Udoka, Chamberlain Ugochi and the rest of the proud Nigerian

men’s basketball team was determined to not only win the game but to

finish the night with a double victory. Unfortunately that passion

resulted in us spending a night in the Nigerian Embassy and being

expressed out early morning to the airport for a one-way flight out of

the country.

When we arrived to Tokyo we where the team everybody felt could be

dangerous. We had just beat the heavily favored Serbia Montenegro

and were advancing to the final 8 where we would face Germany with

their NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.

Before the start of the game I remember several players being excited

about the possibility of playing team USA if we could accomplish the

hurdle of getting past Germany.

Down 1 with the ball in closing seconds, I drew up a middle pick and roll

play for Ime Udoka to drive the basket to score or draw and kick for an

outside jumpshot if the defense collapsed as we expected. Ime kept the

ball and drove to the basket, 3, 2, foul on Dirk Nowitzki, but the foul was

never called, 1, 0 game over Germany wins. Our dream of facing team

USA died but the memory of an incredible basketball experience has

lived on and will forever.

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